Federal Courts Block OSHA Vaccine Mandate and Trump Document Release, Worsening Inflation & Build Back Better

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Mike & Jay open the show with a look at a 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that halts implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety and Health Administration’s rule requiring vaccinations at businesses with 100 or more employees. Both Mike and Jay agree with the ruling, which makes it clear that the OSHA rule would be highly unlikely to succeed on the merits. Mike was disappointed that his preferred policy outcome – requiring workers to get a COVID vaccine or undergo weekly testing – doesn’t seem to be within OSHA’s and possibly even Congress’ legal authority.

Next, they turn to the worsening inflation situation. Mike argues that despite recent increases, there’s good reason to believe that inflation is transitory and that Build Back Better won’t make a meaningful contribution to inflationary pressures. Jay wonders how long inflation has to last before it’s no longer considered transitory, and questions the wisdom of more massive governmental spending in light of recent inflation numbers.

The show closes with a look at a federal appeals court decision to block the release of Trump administration documents to the House January 6th Committee. They both think this was the right decision, with Jay arguing that in the end, he believes that Trump’s claim of executive privilege should be rejected by the courts, and that the committee should get the documents it requested.

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