Infrastructure Passes With Build Back Better Delayed, Republican Electoral Gains

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Mike & Jay start off the show by discussing the flurry of last-minute activity that led to the eventual passage of the infrastructure bill, with House progressives (at least enough of them) agreeing to support it in exchange for a commitment from Democratic moderates that they’d support Build Back Better as long as the CBO cost analysis – due in the next few weeks – largely mirrors White House projections. Mike and Jay both support the infrastructure bill (Jay less enthusiastically than Mike) while Mike is more confident than Jay that Build Back Better will also head to President Biden’s desk in the near future.

After that they turn to Tuesday’s elections with a special focus on the Virginia gubernatorial election. Jay believes that Democrats erred in playing the race card in the governor’s race, and that things look good for Republicans in the next year’s midterm elections. Mike focuses more on structural factors which he believes will almost inevitably lead to Democrats losing control of one or both chambers after 2022, and Donald Trump being well positioned for another run at the presidency in 2024.

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