Floyd, Twitter, Trump

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This week Trey is joined by Ken and the pair begin the show discussing the evolving situation over the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota. This includes discussion of the protests, the recent charges of third degree murder, and the long-term ramifications for the African American community.

Next the Trey & Ken discuss President Trump’s executive order on Preventing Online Censorship. Ken thinks there is no real substantive meaning to it, rather it is simply bluster. Trey wonders if the order is designed to allow a civil suit against Twitter by President Trump.

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3 thoughts on “Floyd, Twitter, Trump”

  1. Hey, liked your show on mail in votiong. Two clarifications–one, both of you badly mispronounced Nevada! If using the original Spanish pronunciation then you were on point. If using the pronunciation we Nevadans use, you were pretty far off! Like nails on a chalkboard here in the Silver State! Also, Nevada’s June primary election WILL offer on-ground voting. The number of places to do so will be limited, but voters CAN choose to vote in person OR by mail. Thanks for the good work!

    Francis Carleton
    College of Southern Nevada

    1. Thanks for the comment (and sorry about our awful Nevada pronunciation)! – Mike

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