George Floyd Protests, Jobs Report, Rosenstein Testimony

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Mike & Jay start off the show with an extended discussion of the nationwide protest that continue in the wake of the death of George Floyd. They start with policy, finding a surprising amount of agreement on things that can be done on the national, state, and local levels to improve policing. Then it’s a look at President Trump’s response to the violence that accompanied many protests, and presidential detractors like former Trump Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

Next they discuss the shockingly good jobs report. While it’s not the unalloyed wonderful news President Trump portrayed it as on Twitter, it’s undeniably a good thing. Mike and Jay discuss if the good jobs news is likely to continue and what it means for future coronavirus stimulus measures.

The show closes with a look at former Deputy Attorney general Rod Rosenstein’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Mike and Jay agree that Rosenstein’s comments demonstrate that the intelligence and federal law enforcement system is in need of major change. Jay wonders whether Rosenstein was being willfully ignorant of what his subordinates were up to, a theory Mike feels makes a lot of sense, given the ramifications of such an unprecedented investigation.

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