House vs Trump on Emergency, Trump Walks on Kim, Medicare for All, Big Pharma, Cohen Testimony

Mike and Jay start the show with a discussion of what’s next now that the House has voted to rescind President Trump’s national emergency declaration. They agree that there won’t be the votes to override the inevitable presidential veto, but given the various constitutional uncertainties, a lot has to go right (or wrong, depending on your view) before any wall-building happens.

Next is a look at the summit between President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. Mike and Jay both believe that Trump was right to walk away without a deal, though Mike disagrees with President Trump’s habit of what he sees as foolish agreement with dictators who deny knowledge of human rights abuses.

After that it’s the House Democrats ‘Medicare for All’ plan. Jay thinks it’s an awful idea for all sorts of reasons, and while Mike agrees with the goal of a single-payer system, he thinks that this plan tries to do too much too quickly. On a semi-related note, the Guys discuss the Senate testimony of pharmaceutical executives this week. They both think that the drug pricing system in the United States is a big mess, but Jay’s much more inclined to trust market mechanisms to sort things out than Mike is.

The show closes with former Trump fixer Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress. Neither Mike nor Jay was surprised by what Cohen said, and they don’t see anything approaching a ‘smoking gun’ in his testimony. About the only thing that that’s absolutely clear is that Donald Trump has surrounded himself with some awfully sleazy characters.

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3 thoughts on “House vs Trump on Emergency, Trump Walks on Kim, Medicare for All, Big Pharma, Cohen Testimony”

  1. Yet again Jay showing he is just a fox talking head, adding little color to any of the topics and just repeating what he hears Tucker Carlson incoherently spew from last night.

    Mike, you’ve don’t an excellent job expanding the program especially with Ken, Trey, Will, and Kristin, as they actually add intellect and thought, versus the Jay “Republicans, especially Trump can do no Wong”. I am very appreciative of this growth, as I never make it longer than 10-15 during a show with Jay. At least the majority of the shows are worthwhile now. Thank you for that.

    1. Thanks much for the feedback – really glad to hear that you’re enjoying the newer members of the Politics Guys team!

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