Matthew Pressman on the Liberal Values That Shaped the News

Mike talks with media expert Matthew Pressman, an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Seton Hall University. Prior to earning his doctorate in history, Dr. Pressman worked for eight years at Vanity Fair, where his articles about the news media won the 2010 Mirror Award for Best Commentary (digital media). He’s the author of On Press: The Liberal Values That Shaped the News.

Topics Mike & Matt discuss include:

  • the shift from ‘straight news’ to interpretation
  • the meaning of objectivity in the news
  • how commercial pressures shape news coverage
  • the inherent conservative bias of pre-1960s news media
  • the conservative critique of ‘liberal media’
  • racism and sexism in newsrooms and news coverage
  • the rise of the reader-oriented newspaper
  • the media’s response to Donald Trump
  • if today’s media is better than the pre 1960s media

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