Indicting Hunter, Impeaching Joe, The Big Three vs the UAW

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Mike and Jay kick off the episode with a discussion of Hunter Biden’s indictment on multiple federal gun-related charges. While the guys don’t see Biden ending up in a cell next to Donald Trump, they think it’s pretty clear that Hunter is guilty, but that the gun law he violated may be unconstitutional under the current Supreme Court’s view of the 2nd Amendment.

Next is a look at Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s announcement of a Biden impeachment inquiry. They discuss why McCarthy broke his word on having a vote of the full House to authorize such a move, the role of the House Freedom Caucus, and how the ongoing budget negotiations may or may not fit in.

Then they turn to the United Auto Workers strike against GM, Ford, and Chrysler, analyzing the union’s demands for higher wages and benefits versus the automakers’ need to invest in new electric vehicle technology. They discuss the political and economic tradeoffs around moving to EVs, including potential job losses that governments have failed to adequately address through retraining and transition programs.

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