Isaac Saul on Media Bias, Ideological Diversity, and How Tangle Can Help

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Mike & Trey talk with Isaac Saul, a political reporter who shares our belief that information bubbles are a big problem. Instead of just bemoaning this and encouraging people to try and somehow break out of their partisan bubbles, Isaac decided to do something about it – he founded Tangle. If you’re a fan of The Politics Guys, you’ll really appreciate Isaac’s work. which we talk with him about in this episode, as well as problems in the media more generally.

Topics we cover include:

  • media’s treatment of Obama vs Trump
  • political opinion that masquerades as “news analysis”
  • the challenge of getting real political diversity
  • why “When is the last time you changed your mind?” is such an important question
  • what Tangle is, how Isaac and his team put it together, and what they cover
  • the economic model of news and the future of political media

Check out Tangle here.

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