Ukraine & Russia, Federal Reserve, COVID Surge, Sunshine Protection, Biden & the 9th

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Mike & Jay open the show with a look at the latest in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, now in its third week. They discuss whether the United States should be doing more to help Ukraine, some military realities, whether or not Putin is a war criminal, revoking Russia’s Most Favored Nation trade status, what to expect of China, and a lot more.

Following that is a discussion of two Federal Reserve stories from the last week. The first is the widely expected rate hike (the first since 2018) which both Mike and Jay favored. The second is President Biden withdrawing the nomination of Sarah Bloom Raskin to serve as the Fed’s vice chair for supervision, largely over her views on the Fed’s role on climate change. Jay thinks there is no role for the central bank and Senate Republicans and Democrat Joe Manchin were right to torpedo Raskin’s nomination. Mike things that climate change does connect with the Fed’s role, and believes Raskin should have been confirmed.

Next, they consider the potential for a new COVID wave in the United States, why Congress hasn’t approved funding to mitigate the effects of the next wave (assuming it comes), who’s playing politics with the issue, and what we should be doing domestically and globally to minimize the spread of COVID variants.

That’s followed by a discussion of the permanent Daylight Savings Time bill that passed the Senate unopposed, President Biden’s unusual interest in the 9th Amendment, and what, exactly, it means to “win” in the culture wars.

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