Ketanji Brown Jackson, Hunter Biden, Ukraine, Idaho Abortion, Indiana & Utah Anti-Trans Bills, Inflation

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Trey and Mike host this week’s show and start with the confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson. Topics include the importance of position taking over substantive conversations, the questions of sentencing in child pornography cases and judicial philosophy.

Next the pair take on the newest revelations on Hunter Biden and his laptops. Trey and Mike discuss why the story took the time it did to be confirmed, the unlikely nature of the source, and delve a bit into the question of understanding the nature of sources and the tabloid nature of the New York Post.

After that it is an update on the war in Ukraine with specific focus on a piece by Brian Klaas in The Atlantic and the fallacy of assuming dictators have better long term strategies than elected officials.

Then Trey and Mike discuss the Texas style abortion ban passed in Idaho, in the similar bill working its way through Oklahoma. Do the ends justify the means?

Next is Indiana and Utah’s Republican governors vetoing anti-trans athlete bills. Trey and Mike have a long conversation on biologic sex and gender and how the complications of the conversation.

After that they tackle a question from Isaac Saul from their interview this week: how and when have we changed our minds? Each reflects on some of the moments of when they have altered their beliefs and the process by which they change their beliefs. The pair end with a brief update on inflation.

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