Prosecuting Trump, Russia, Anti-Lynching Law, Biden’s Budget, Responding to Anti-Trans Laws

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Mike & Jay open the show with a discussion of multiple developments concerning the events of January 6th, including Ginni Thomas’s text messages and Justice Thomas’s refusal to recuse, White House communication records on that date, and whether Donald Trump should be investigated and potentially prosecuted for his role in the events of that day.

After that they turn to Russia’s war against Ukraine, focusing on President Biden’s remarks about Putin remaining in power as well as Biden’s authorization of the largest ever release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

That’s followed by a look at the almost completely bipartisan Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Law (and why Jay would have voted against it, if he had the political courage to do so), President Biden’s first full-fledged budget, and the wisdom and constitutionality of the response to state “anti-trans” laws being planned by the Department of Education.

They close by addressing listener questions, including one in which they recommend some possibly under the radar sources of political information.

Andrew Sullivan

Joseph Epstein

Thomas Edsall

Matt Grossmann

Adam Tooze

Chris Blattman

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