Medicare Drug Price Negotiations, Should McConnell Retire?

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Mike and May open the episode with a look at the initial drugs selected for Medicare drug price negotiations, a very popular policy made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. May isn’t a fan of the program, which the Congressional Budget Office estimates will save the government nearly $100 billion over a decade. She argues that it will stifle innovation and that the so-called negotiations are little more than government price setting. Mike sees things differently, believing that this gives Medicare the ability to negotiate that it should have had long ago. Mike and May agree in their view of the American health system as a big mess filled with perverse incentives.

Then they turn to Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell’s recent on-camera freeze-up – the second in little more than a month. They discuss if McConnell should retire, what happens if he does, the best method to fill Senate vacancies (it’s not the method most states use), and whether it’s time to take a serious look at age and term limits for Congress. (And maybe age limits for the president too.) That sets Mike off on a semi-rant about the 10th Amendment. May generally agrees with him, but she’s less emotionally invested in it than Mike, who has a strangely deep attachment to the 10th.

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