Navarro Conviction, Impeachment of Paxton, The Federal Deficit, Mexico’s Pro-Choice Ruling, The State of Labor Unions

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Trey and Ken open the show with a discussion of Peter Navarro’s conviction of contempt of Congress. Ken points out that this is a new tactic: appealing rulings not to win, but in the hopes of receiving a pardon. Meanwhile, Trey wonders about the larger reasoning for Navarro to go to bat for Trump given he could have been easily saved by Trump earlier in the process. This leads to a discussion of Enrique Tarrio’s conviction and sentencing. Trey is surprised that mainstream candidates such as DeSantis are criticizing the process and then laments it is evidence that the Republican Party is now the party of Trump ideology.

Next the duo discuss the impeachment of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Ken (Katkin) notes that it was his own celebrity within the Christian right that ultimately bings him down among his own believers. Trey discusses the relationship between infidelity and politics.

After that is a conversation about the shocking news that the federal deficit doubled in 2023. Trey sees this as deeply problematic, especially since it is coming during a period of strong growth. He criticizes Bidenomics. Ken sees such deficits as sustainable, although they are second best options. He disagrees there is a need for structural change, unless it meant undoing tax cuts.

The Guys then turn their attention overseas to the recent Mexico Supreme Court ruling finding a right for abortion. This leads Trey and Ken to postulate how the U.S. and Mexico diverge. Trey notes that in both cases the Supreme Court’s were at odds with popular opinion in their respective countries. He wonders if Mexico will see a push for pro-life policies in a similar manner to the pro-choice bump which occurred after Dobbs.

The pair close the show with an empirical overview of Labor Unions for Labor Day. The final verdict? For better or worse they are dead.

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