PG115: Hurricanes, Transgender Lawsuits, and Sanctuary Cities

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This week, Mike and Jay start things off by talking about the politics of Hurricane Harvey, including the quality of the government’s response, how well President Trump personally responded, and the role federal flood insurance plays in disasters like this.

Next, it’s an update on President Trump’s ban on transgender troops in the military. The Guys begin with a discussion the wisdom of Secretary of Defense Mattis’s decision to allow transgender troops to stay in the military until a full review has been completed. After that, they talk about the two lawsuits that have been filed against the ban.

Finally, Mike and Jay revisit the issue of sanctuary cities, in light of a federal judge barring the enactment of Texas’ sanctuary city prohibitions.

Mike’s Recommended Listening:
Sam Harris’ interview with Charles Murray

Jay’s Recommended Reading:
The American Spirit is Alive in Texas

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2 thoughts on “PG115: Hurricanes, Transgender Lawsuits, and Sanctuary Cities”

  1. Hi Jay, Mike, I’m writing this from Houston. I’m a long time listener and I have a few thoughts on this week’s show. As you might imagine, the majority of our city has temporarily put aside political differences as we rebuild and return to normalcy hand in hand. It’s been refreshing and I’m proud of Houston for how we’ve handled the adversity. My hope is that this togetherness doesn’t fade and we remain an example of a strong, unified community. With that in mind, I heard some things in this week’s show that bothered me.

    I’ve noticed that the amount of divisive snide comments from Michael towards Jay on his political and cultural viewpoints continue to increase. Perhaps I’m more sensitive to those comments this week, but I just don’t see how they are helpful. Keep in mind Michael, that your snide comments towards Jay are also landing with listeners who have similar beliefs and backgrounds. Also, I think your listeners can find that type of poor humor or slander in just about any political medium today. Perhaps you could differentiate your show by incorporating more inclusive, thought provoking discussions without consistent bias and slander.

    In this week’s show Michael stated it was great to be exposed to different viewpoints and backgrounds through the military, “exposure to people who look different and have different views… I think it can be a strength of our country.” Agreed. But perhaps you can take it a step further by tolerating diverse opinions, empathizing with various groups, and foster more inclusive discussions.

    1. Hi Camreon. Thanks for taking the time to comment. While I don’t feel that I’m being especially snide these days, I recognize that I may not see it. If you could give me some examples, that would be really helpful. And I definitely don’t feel like I’m slandering Jay or anyone else, though given specific examples to review, I’m more than willing to consider what you’re saying, reflect, and if warranted make a real effort to change. Thanks. – Mike

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