PG117: Trump’s DACA Deal, Bernie’s Medicare For All, Equifax Breach

This week, the Guys start off by talking about the potential deal President Trump reached with Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi that involves allowing Dreamers to stay in the country legally in exchange for enhanced border security. Mike is cautiously optimistic about the proposal while Jay believes that Schumer and Pelosi may be far more interested in a 2018 campaign issue than a legislative accomplishment.

Next is a look at Senator Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare For All’ legislation, which he introduced this week. Neither Mike nor Jay think it has a chance of passing, and while Mike would support a true ‘Medicare for All’ bill, he argues that what Sanders calls for is far more generous than Medicare and would be a financial disaster. Jay doesn’t disagree, though he’s definitely not in favor of even a scaled-back ‘Medicare For All’ type program.

Finally, Mike and Jay talk about the political implications of the Equifax security breach. Mike believes it’s high time we updated our regulatory framework and impose the sort of oversight on credit rating agencies that we do on other financial institutions. Jay doesn’t disagree, exactly, though he’s far more skeptical of the value of imposing more regulations on the agencies and favors alternate approaches to incentivizing them to keep our personal data safe.

Mike’s Recommended Reading:
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Jay’s Recommended Reading:
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2 thoughts on “PG117: Trump’s DACA Deal, Bernie’s Medicare For All, Equifax Breach”

  1. Hi Guys! I usually enjoy your show, but the last five or so episodes have been chock full of Jay sucking snot up his nose as he’s talking. Since I wear earbuds while listening, this translate to that noise, his mucus, being siphoned directly inside my skull. This is a v distasteful experience for me and has left me unable to listen to more than 25% of any episode since.

    Please let me know when Jay’s cold is either gone or under control, I miss your insights.

    1. Hi Sola. Sorry your listening experience has been marred of late. While I haven’t noticed anything, I certainly can appreciate how distracting sounds can detract from a podcast. I’ve passed along your comment to Jay. – Mike

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