Political Correctness and Identity Politics

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This week, Mike and Jay respond to a listener who feels Mike was being snide and slanderous to Jay in a recent show, and then move on to an in-depth discussion of political correctness and identity politics.

For their discussion, they focus on these four articles:

A linguist explains how the far-right hijacked political correctness

The Liberal Crackup

Identity Politics Are Tearing America Apart

How Trump Kills the G.O.P

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2 thoughts on “Political Correctness and Identity Politics”

  1. Good morning TPG,

    I have been listening to your podcast for over a year now and have enjoyed the discussions surrounding politics. Firstly, I just want to add that Mike, you have minimal snide comments, especially compared to the the amount that Jay has towards you, however that is not the reason I am reaching out today.

    The last episode on PC and identity really got me thinking about my experience at college. I attending undergrad a small catholic, liberal arts college in Vermont. I then went on to get my Masters at University of Vermont. Needless to say I was in a very open, diverse, and liberal setting. When Jay mentioned that colleges are ruining the county in that they force students what to think and they don’t “allow them to oppose gay people” he is completely wrong.

    Many people who go to college are grow up in towns that are relatively segregated. The middle-upper class live near each other, white people, black people, poor people, all self segregate the public schooling system (for reasons that you are well aware of, so no need to get into now). When I went to College, it was really the first time that I met open transgendered people, gay people, the first time I was living next to people who just weren’t cis-gendered like myself and all of my friends in High School. For the first time I was able to get to know people as humans who were the topic of political rampage for decades. Growing up more on the conservative side, it was in College, where as soon I got to know LBGT people, and became friends with people of color that I became much more liberal. For me, I can not support and republican who is not socially in the 21st century. In the 21st century, people should not be dehumanized because of the way they dress, look, or think.

    College turned my into a liberal Jay, but not because of PC, because I finally woke up and realized that every human should have the same right as I do. I will now use your favorite word, this SHOULD be the #1 ‘principle’ in everyone’s mind, not weather being gay is unconstitutional like you said in the previous episode.

    Last note- without affirmative action, it is likely I would not have had the same experience because I would have just been in College with a lot of other middle-upper class white people. Leaving public schools aside for now, why is it that a private college shouldn’t be allowed to have affirmative action? I feel like a good conservative such as Jay would be more than happy when a Private company is allowed to make their own choices, it’s a free capitalistic market that works the best, right? If a company wants to diverse it’s workforce (as it is proven to lead to higher productivity) should’t they be allowed to without the Government telling them what to do? Or does that only work when Government’s try to regulate emissions? Would love to hear how Jay pivots this question and ending with how it is not in republican’s ‘principles.’

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’m going to put it in our listener comments queue and give Jay a chance to respond on the air. – Mike

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