Proud Boys Convictions, Debt Limit, The End of Chevron, Zooey Zephyr

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Mike, Jay, and Ryan open this episode with a discussion of the conviction of four members of the Proud Boys for seditious conspiracy for their actions related to the January 6th Capitol breach. They’re all against sedition (not surprising) but Mike points out some elements of the case that Jay thinks could provide some grounds for appeal.

Next they turn to the debt limit. Ryan starts things off with an historical overview of the debt ceiling, after which they discuss whether the 14th amendment’s ‘public debt’ clause means that the administration must honor its debts, regardless of any limit imposed by congress. They also get into the politics of debt ceiling negotiations and the potential ramifications of even a short-term default.

Following that Ken joins the conversation as they look at a case in which the Supreme Court is almost certain to significantly constrain or eliminate outright Chevron deference, in which courts defer to administrative agencies’ reasonable interpretations of ambiguous legislation.

The show closes with a look at the case of Zooey Zephyr, the transgender Montana legislator who was barred from the floor by the Republican majority.

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