Schumer, Liberals Ban Everything, Judge McAfee, Fani Willis, Nathan Wade, Trump’s RNC

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Trey & Ken start the episode with a deep dive into Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s Senate speech on Israel, Hamas, and Benjamin Netanyahu. This includes a discussion of the norm breaking nature of calling for a vote on a democratically elected leader, if the Biden administration is giving in to more leftist voices, and the extent to which the U.S. may change its behavior in relationship to Israel.

Next is a conversation on a series of orders from Judge McAfee on Trump’s cases, including throwing out six charges, and the requirement that Nathan Wade step down (which is now official).

Finally the pair close the show with a discussion of the recent firings and memos out of the RNC. Ken believes the restructure will take money away from Republican candidates and help Democrats, Trey thinks it is unwise to underestimate Trump’s ability to effectively campaign.

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