Women in Politics

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Kimberly talks with Mary Chung Hayashi, national healthcare advocate, former California State Assembly member, Principal of Public Policy & Advocacy Solutions, and author of Women in Politics: Breaking Down the Barriers to Achieve True Representation.

Topics Kimberly & Mary discuss include:

  • Why we’re still having the same discussions about increasing the number of women in politics, even though not only women—but Americans as a whole—benefit from having women in elected government positions
  • Why women shouldn’t focus on what they’re lacking, but instead focus on what they can ‘bring to the table’
  • How Mary’s personal experience as an immigrant woman of Asian descent has brought her face-to-face with the plethora of challenges all women face running for—and serving in—public office, and strategies to overcome these barriers
  • The often-invisible biases against women of color running for office
  • Why it’s important for women with political ambitions to cultivate the support of men
  • The many ways in which men seeking or in political office benefit from a societal double standard for men and women
  • Why women should be encouraged, regardless of their political affiliation, to participate in politics
  • The importance of breaking down the imagination barrier to encourage both men and women to rethink their own preconceived notions about women’s roles
  • While money matters, and men almost always have more financial support, deep pockets aren’t necessarily the only way to win an election

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