Israel, Johnson’s Foriegn Aid, Uri Berliner, the 1st Amendment

Trey and Ken open with breaking news on Israel’s attack on Iran and Syria. They discuss the appropriateness of the response, the likely message behind the response, and the political implications for U.S. politics. They also briefly consider the timing of the U.S.’s blocking of Palestinian United Nations membership in the Security Council.

Next, they move to Congress and the ongoing debate inside the Republican Party over foreign aid. Trey believes Speaker Johnson has a deal already struck with Democrats, which also allows some Democrats to vote no on Israeli aid, while Ken thinks if there is a deal it is more comprehensive for Democrats.

After that, they discuss the suspension and ultimate resignation of Uri Berliner from his role at NPR. Here the hosts take very different views. Ken views Uri as striking a Trumpian tone and is rightfully criticized and ousted. Trey disagrees, arguing that divergent viewpoints help media be thoughtful in the ways that frame, prime, and agenda setting. Objectivity is not impossible, but it doesn’t mean that viewpoint diversity is a bad thing.

They close with a look at the newest Supreme Court decision in the case of Mckesson v Doe, the case determining if the organizer of an event can be held liable for activity he did not directly cause or promote.

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