Senate Trial, Lev Parnas, USMCA, Warren v Sanders, iPhone Hacking

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This week Trey and Ken start by tackling the weeks biggest issue: the Senate trial of President Donald Trump. The biggest focus for the hosts is the ongoing question concerning witnesses. Ken is reluctant to make a prediction, but Trey suggests there will be witnesses.

This leads the pair to Lev Parnas and the peculiar nature of Trump witnesses. It also leads to speculation on Ken’s part about the differences between a political trial and a civil trial. Specifically how in a political trial witnesses do not have to necessarily be relevant.

After this Trey brings up the quick passage of the USMCA and reminds Ken this is one of the few times he was wrong. The trade deal passed with bipartisan support. The pair discuss the few holdouts, most specifically Senator Sanders. His refusal to support the deal was a weakness in Trey’s view.

The topic of Sanders led to the next item: the Democratic debates. Here the topic of the issue of sexism between Sanders and Warren was discussed. Trey also suggested Sanders is not the best representation of his party.

Finally Trey and Ken tackled the new push for backdoors in cellphones, specifically the iPhone from Attorney General Barr and President Trump.

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